Beginner Builder series 75% done! will probably never be finished. :(

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Personal Update + Update

UPDATE: I got the download links working at least. I switched to FileAve for hosting, which is going great so far. So links to Mojolauncher, Dropper, StartupSaver, and -of course- PEM should all be working.

To the people who might be actually still following this blog, life has gotten a little hectic lately, with school and all, so I apologize about not being able to keep posting reviews. (If anyone else wants to be a co-author, the position is still open.....)

Also, I know that ATM, all "FreewareWire Software" programs (programs written by me) are down, and have been down. For once, this was not my fault. Hotlink files decided to somehow randomly terminate my account with no explanation. This doesn't mean the files are gone, since they're on my computer, but this means I have to find a new file hosting service, preferably one that allows direct linking, so you don't have to wait through stuff like Rapidshare.

So FW is not "on the ball" lately, but hopefully, I'll get motivated to try to give a genuine review of at least 1 freeware a week. I've actually found a handful of new programs that are pretty nifty, that I look forward to reviewing, if I ever get the chance.

Thanks for bearing with me. The undying support of FW's 4-5 fans are what make it all worth it. ;)



  1. Ah, recognition at last, I'm one of those 4-5 fans ;-)
    Keep up the good work, but don't forget school and all the other important stuff out there.

  2. Thanks, Peejay. School and work is a bit consuming. That, and I've bought three "new" video games in the last month, which is three more than I've bought in the last 3 years.