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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Strongbad's Time Machine: Everybody! Everybody!

No, you can't actually travel back in time. What you can do is keep track of time using everyone's favorite wise cracking, The Cheat kicking, sbemail answering masked smart alec. Strongbad's Time Machine (also known as Strongbad's Clock) is a nice little clock utility made by the creators of the Homestarrunner flash cartoon series.

STM is essentially a pixelated version of Strongbad's head that can verbally tell you the time; there's also a clock in the top left corner, for those who don't want sound. Using STM, you can make Strongbad announce the time in three different voices (normal, angry, or soothing), and you can set an alarm. Another thing to note is that Strongbad also announces the time every half hour (like 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, etc.) Also, according to the Homestar Runner Wiki, STM "does not automatically set the time for Daylight Savings, even if your system clock does."

The program itself is fairly hefty for what it does. Consumes around 6mb of RAM, and is 1mb in size, even if it is a standalone app (and, by the way, it's portable). Yeah, you could get a smaller, lighter app that does the same thing, but then you wouldn't have Strongbad.

Visit Strongbad Time Machine (Homestarrunner) website for download

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