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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i.File: Sounds like Mac, built for Linux, runs on Windows...

i.File is a file manager designed to replace the basic GNOME and KDE file managers. However, it is also available on Windows, which is pretty cool, since it is not a bad program.

You want brutal honesty? i.File is FREAKIN AMAZING. If it could integrate into my system, I would use it instead of Windows Explorer. First of all, it is freakin light, running at only 380kb of RAM when minimized. That's right, less than half a mb. That's freakin genius. You're not going to be using a file manager  when it's minimized, right? So why make it consume 6+mb of RAM? *coughMicrosoftcough* So that's one really nice thing. When it's running, it starts around 1.5mb, and then climbs, as you expand folders and such.

One thing that I immediately noticed that I don't like would be that it puts pluses (as in, you can expand) beside every folder...even if it has no subfolder. Just a tiny imperfection, but annoying nonetheless.

The icons, in my opionion, are freakin sweet. You don't have much customization, but everything is nice and compact, and the icons for files in the display are linux-like, so they look good, but native-looking enough to fit in on Windows. It also has a "Show hidden" button....which is...different, but nice.

It only has two views, unlike W. Explorer, which are "List" (which is essentially "Details") and "Column" (which is like "List"). And as for the columns, it is severely limited, at least compared to W. Explorer. All it has is "Name", "Type" (which is different than "filetype"), "Size", and "Last Modified."

It has a few nice tools, one would be "Burn/Erase CD-R", which is actually accessible all the time through "Tools" in the menu. It also has a good context menu, that has things like "Copy Location" for files and folders, "Open Prompt" for folders, and last but not least, "Make ISO." Yes, apparently, in this File Manager can create an ISO. Er, at least, it has the option. When I try to click it, after I select the output file, it closes it's a future feature. There's a few other things that seem that way too, like the Help.

One thing that I found odd is that for my tiny EEE 8.9"  screen, i.File always starts with half of it cut off at the, I dunno what that means, but it could be annoying.

Also, i.File is portable. In fact, all of MemeCode's programs are portable, and I suspect all of them are great, but I'll review them eventually.


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