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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cool PDF Reader: It's a PDF reader. It's cool.

Cool PDF Reader is probably the smallest PDF reader in existance. Here's some of the things that make it what it is:

Uber tiny: Some might say Foxit Reader is small, but "small" is a relative term. Foxit is 6mb. Cool PDF Reader is 600kb. Wow. That's freakin tiny.

Portable: Because it's so tiny and doesn't use registry, it's easily portable.

Straightforward: I mean, it's a PDF reader. It views PDFs. You can print, zoom, rotate, jump to pages, have a slideshow, and view the properties (creation date, encryption level, etc). That's really about it.

Convert to image/Extract Text: The only thing that might not be so "standard" is the ability to save a PDF as an image (JPG, PNG, BMP, etc) and the ability to extract text and save it into a TXT file.

Obviously, because it's so small, it lacks a few things that other PDF readers might have.
Chapters list: Most readers have a chapters/page list that you can view and jump to. Cool PDF reader does not have that.
"Smooth" view: Perhaps a poor term for it, but most PDF viewers view it like a Word document: you scroll down, and the next page is right below it, and you can scroll from one page to the next. Cool PDF Reader only shows one page at a time.
Mouse/key support: Strangely enough, you can't use the mouse wheel or arrow keys to scroll around when you are zoomed in.

But really, all of those are things that are nice, but not necessary. Cool PDF Reader is definitely faster than most PDF viewers (at least of the ones I've seen); the reason why is -because Cool PDF Reader only views one page at a time, when you open a PDF with it, it only loads the first page, and then loads the rest of the pages as you change to them. That mean that although Cool PDF Reader might be faster on the start, if you're viewing a PDF with a ton of pages, it might be slower in the long run (not to mention harder to navigate, since there's no chapter list). But if you only use one-page PDFs, or rarely use PDFs at all, Cool PDF Reader may work out for you perfectly.

Visit Cool PDF Reader (Cool PDF Software) website for download


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    Yes its really cool. The features provided by this tool are all nice and useful. The best thing which I like about it is that its light and takes less space.