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Friday, November 28, 2008

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder: even by the name, you can tell it is awesome.

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder is a very tiny app that shows you keys to some of your systems most crucial components. This means that all you have to do is run it, and instantly, it shows you the keys to things such as Microsoft Office license keys, games such as Command and Conquer or Call of duty keys, and most importantly the key to your Windows install. What happens if your computer flops out, and you lost the physical hardware that has the Windows key? You could borrow an install disk from a friend, but you're going to have trouble when it comes to registering it. Enter the Magical Jelly Bean. Now you don't have to hope that bad things won't happen, or even be confined to system restore. The power is in your hands.

Same goes with Office, or C&C, or Call of Duty, or Cyberlink DVD, Photoshop, and tons more. What if you buy online and don't have a disk? You get the key from the Jelly Bean, and install it like new.

Here's a few other things (besides the obvious awesomeness) that make it gewd:

-Open Source: Trustworthy. This shows that there are no "phone home" messages sent anywhere. It's all about helping you.

-Save and Print: Yes, you have the option of saving the keys to either a text, or a CSV file, or printing directly to the printer.

-Other nice little things: A few other little things like changing the Windows Registry Info, loading a hive (a registry file), remote PC usability, a modifyable config file, changing fonts of the program and the keys, and something as simple as the ability for it to be always on top.

-Command line options: I'm not a CMD man, but you can use it like so. It has these triggers:
  • /save
  • /savecsv
  • /close
  • /hive
  • /file
Again, I'm not a command line guy, but I can see how this would be extremely useful. Put keyfinder.exe on your flash drive and create a batch file with E:\keyfinder.exe /save E:\ /close, and it will run the program, make a text file that is called the computers name (example: MYLAPTOP.TXT), and close, and all of that in a fraction of a second.

-Tiny, and thus Portable: No installer, so no mess. It has an optional config file, and a license text document, but neither are required, so the only thing you absolutely need is a 612kb program that is ready to go. Also, it's extremely light. Only 1.3mbs of RAM at the moment, and I can't imagine it would take much more.

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