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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Uno: So small, and yet so fun!

If you haven't heard of "UNO," it's a very simple card game in which you try to get rid of all your cards first, and you must yell "Uno!" when you have only one card remaining in your hand. But here's the sweet part: it's on your PC! Here's a few things about UNO that are nice:

-VERY tiny, and thus portable: It's a standalone app, meaning all there is to it is one exectuable that is 512kb in size. Can't get much smaller than that!

-Very simple interface: Nothing fancy, just skin and bones, the more to enjoy!

-Sounds: Nice simple sounds. They can get a tad annoying, but you have an option to mute. A cute little voice even says "Uno!" when you get down to one card!

A few annoying things:

-Arrow direction: When playing, it's difficult (for me, at least) to tell when it's my turn. I seem to think that when the arrow is pointing at me, it's my turn, but it's actually when the arrow points from you to the next person that it is your turn. You get used to it after a while.
-AI: To be honest, the AI could be better. They seem to be UNO masters, and are actually quite difficult to defeat. It's not too upsetting, but for being a child's game, I wouldn't necessarilly suggest putting a child up against the AI, unless he or she doesn't mind losing a few games.

Overall, it's just a fun little game, and a handy tool on your flash drive or computer. Keep in mind, though, it's only 1 player, but that's ok; you can't expect taking turns of a network game from a 512kb game...

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