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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christ On Disk: God can be in your heart....and now on disk.

Back in simpler times, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, when Bob Barker was young, and when floppy disks were in use, there was a little application called "Christ On Disk." No, seriously, it is a little application. (Nice segway.)

-Tiny: As it boasts on the website, COD is only 1.29mb, so it could literally fit on a floppy disk, if need be. This is amazing since...

-Contains the whole Bible: Yes, not just a chapter or a section, but the entire Bible. I believe I've downloaded texts of the Bible bigger than the COD program, so that is impressive.

-Standalone: Perhaps most impressive, all that is needed is one EXE file, nothing else.

-Portable: Of course, it's completely portable, and designed to be so. Download the EXE and run.

But there are a few drawbacks...well, I wouldn't say drawbacks, I would say limitations:

-Simplistic: No search function or any other nice little perks. It's just the Bible, which isn't bad, but just keep that in mind.

-KJV: It's only got one version (understandibly), so make sure you like good ol' KJV. Other apps like the Sword Project or BPBible may be able to download different versions, but COD is just one version.

That's really about it. It has a simple "Go to" interface, and everything is in basic text. It's a good little app if you're low on disc space, or if you want something very lightweight, or if you want to share the good news with someone, and you happen to have your flash drive.

Visit Christ On Disk website for download


  1. I prefer to read the Bible in my own language, thanks.

    Disclaimer: BPBible developer.

  2. I'm still waiting for them to come out with a Pig Latin version-
    " Enesis-Jay un-way un-way: In-ay e-thay eginning-bay...." =OP