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Monday, July 20, 2009

Mojolauncher: Get ready for launch!

The other day, I was using MojoPac -which is in and of itself a very handy application- and I decided to drop a shortcut to the MojoPac starter onto my Rocketdock. It worked fine, until later that day, when I clicked the shortcut, and it couldn't find the file. My MojoPac had moved disk letters from "E:\" to "F:\". I realized that it was really pointless to create a shortcut for an application that was meant for an external drive, because it might be in a different place. So I decided to make a Mojo Launcher.

Mojolauncher is a very, very simple program that I wrote specifically to help with Mojopac. When run, it will monitor the root directory of every available disk for MojoPac's Start.exe (such as C:\Start.exe, D:\Start.exe, etc). If it finds a MojoPac starter on a disk, it will add the disk letter and the disk label to a list. You can then select from that list and launch whatever Mojopac you've selected. In addition, if Mojolauncher detects that MojoPac is running, it will wait until MojoPac closes until refreshing the list.

That's about it. It's a very, very simple program, and it's designed to be that way. The interface is very minimalistic, with barely any text, and no menus.

MegaLauncher/INI File:
To be honest, I don't feel like making Mojolauncher a full fledged program with customibility and everything....but I left the option open. Although I designed Mojolauncher specifically for MojoPac, I made it able to accept different programs. If you select a different program, Mojolauncher will become MegaLauncher (both are ML, if that helps you remember). It performs exactly the same way, only it will look for a custom EXE, with a custom description. In order to to this, look at the sample INI file a ways down. But first, read on about....

Custom Folders! Again, I really don't feel like making a GUI for a program that is so simple, but the functionality is nice. Add the folderpath to the INI file, and Mojolauncher/MegaLauncher will search that folder.



If you can't tell by looking, also# are the custom folders, OtherApp is the alternate program's filename, and OtherAppDesc is the alternate program's description. Make sure you type both correctly, because MegaLauncher will not be able to tell if you typed an error, especially in the description. If you type either OtherApp or OtherAppDesc wrong in the INI file, MegaLauncher will simply never find what you told it to look for.

You may be wondering about the "%ThisDrive%". Well, that is there because Mojolauncher is entirely portable. Instead of the drive letter and colon, substitute in "%ThisDrive%" without the quotes for Mojolauncher/MegaLauncher use the drive letter that it is currently on.

It's not the best program, I know, but it was pretty fun to write, and I actually do use it myself. It's a standalone app, 370kb, and consumes around 4mb of RAM. I will always upload the source, including all the original icons, and edited icons (that is, if RingCube doesn't sue me. Please don't sue me.) Oh, I almost forgot to grovel. RingCube, if you're reading this, I made Mojolauncher because I love MojoPac. I don't intend, or even want, to make any money off Mojolauncher; I release it only for the purpose of better MojoPac. Please don't sue me. Pretty please.


I would like to also quickly give props to people who profoundly influenced the developement of this program, even if they are anonymous, or don't know I used their work.

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