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Monday, January 19, 2009

Bax It!: Do it!

Bax it! is a free, lightweight backup software. It's portable, and the entire program and all accompanyig images and other files are only 200kb. Bax it! is different than other backup programs, in that it only has the option of backing up an entire disk. In order to use it, copy the program to the disk that you want to backup, then run the program and select the target disk, and it starts. There's a few things that kind of get in the way:

-No close/minimze: Really annoying, cause if you change your mind, you have to kill the process in the task manager.

-Hideous UI: Ew. Obviously, graphics was not the creator's strongpoint.

That's about all. One other nice feature that I haven't used is cloning. According to the author, cloning a drive means that after the process, you should have two identical drives, and you can switch out the old for the new and the comp should run the exact same. So I guess that cloning would copy the MBR and everything, but I haven't tested it.

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