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Saturday, November 29, 2008

ISO Recorder: The lightest ISO recorder around.

ISO Recorder is created by a very little known dude named Alex Feinman. It's basically just a wizard, not even a program. Here's a few things that I like about it:

-Small: It's hard to tell because I don't think it's really an install as much as registry files and DLLs. But the "Alex Feinman" folder is 642kb.

-Easily accessible: Right click on ANY folder, and you get the option "Create ISO image file," or right click any ISO file and you get an option "Copy image to CD."

-Create Bootable ISO: Not as customizable as other ISO creators, but it's there.

-Pick Source: In the burning window, you can choose either a folder, or a disk drive, allowing you to even copy CDs without having to rip an ISO.

Buuuut there's some baddies

-No real program: Like I said above, there's no real exe file, just alot of dlls to make a wizard. This just means no folder in the start menu, or any real way to access the program besides the right click context menu. Just a tad annoying.

-ERROR: So far, since installing this on one of my comps, I've had to repair it three or four times. Granted, this might be because I have three or four ISO creating programs that I use interchangably, so it might have thrown something else, but I'm fairly sure I've run into the same error without any change to the system. It's not a huge problem if you keep the installer on hand.

So it's a pretty handy program. If you want a very lightweight, small install program to just create ISOs from folders and burn them to disks, this is for you.

Visit ISO Recorder (Alex Feinman) website for Download


  1. I was using this for a while, but on occasion it would fail in odd ways. In the end I switched to ImgBurn, which does not feel like "part of the OS" like ISO Recorder, but it is also free, has a few more options, is fairly lean and always works.

  2. Ha, I could have quoted you word for word! That's exactly what I would say. I've come across at least 4 different ISO Burners/Rippers, and ImgBurn is my favorite. (Plus, it's portable.) And like you said (and in the post,) ISO Recorder has had a nasty habit of failing. But really, it's not too bad of an app, for those who like wizards. :)

    Thanks for the comment!