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Sunday, January 18, 2009

uTorrent: It's a bittorrent for u...I mean you....

If you don't know whaat "bittorrent" is, it's basically letting other people download files that are on your comptuer, so that people do not have to host them on and use space. If you don't know what uTorrent is, it's a program that makes bittorrent easy.

uTorrent is probably the most popular bittorrent client in existance. Here's some of the reasons:

-Tiny tiny tiny: Ok, it's one executable, and it's 263kb. That's about as small as you can get.

-Light on resources: right now, I am seeding one active torrent, and it's only at 2mb of RAM. That's really light.

-Easy for the simple, but complicated enough for intermediate/advance: It practically runs itself with very little configuration, but then if you are more used to torrents, there are plenty of advanced options to supply your every need.

-Frequent updates: The developers are always working hard to make uTorrent better, and it shows.

-Portable: Again, it's one executable, but the neatest thing is that the uTorrent EXE is the installer. You run it, and it asks "Would you like to install?" and you can click "Yes", or "No." So this means that when you carrry it around on your flash drive, you not only have the program, but the installer as well, if you're friend decides he/she wants uTorrent. But anyway, it is indeed portable,

-Skinnable: Not required, but pretty nice. It's very very easy to skin, just go to uTorrent's site and browse the skins, then download, and extract to a certain directory (check uTorrent's site for details.)

That's just the main good stuff. There's even more like multiple simultaneous downloads, smart bandwidth uses, and even RSS downloading. Over the years, I've been really pissed at uTorrent because AVG 8 was interferring, but I switched to AVG 7.5 and it works fine. I don't really see the need for anything beyond uTorrent (even though I'm not a big torrenter). It's small, fast, feature-rich, everything.

*I did make the icon at the top based on the program's icon, so if you use it somewhere else, please let me know....and give credit where credit is due. :-)

Visit uTorrent website for download

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