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Monday, February 2, 2009

Rapid Backup: Zoom!

Rapid Backup is a very tiny program to copy files from one drive to another. Mike Lin, the designer, says that he never finished it, but it works fine, and looks better than other programs to me. Here's a few things that I find nice about it:

-"Groups" and "Jobs": You can create a "Job," which is one individual backup, and then you can create "Groups" which contain several jobs. It's just pretty handy if you have more than one person, or maybe "Work" and then "Personal" or such. The thing is, I don't exactly get how groups work.....but I know they have some function!

-Schedule: This surprised me, for being such a simple program, it has a really nice scheduler. You can choose to run it at a certain time and certain day (such as 2/2/09), let it "repeat at interval," and then Enable on "Mon," "Tues," etc.

-Filters: You can do inclusions or exclusions, and with the options to search subdirectories.

-Incremental & deletion: This is really what takes the cake for me. You can make it skip files that are older than the ones in the destination, skip files with the same size, which means that it can be incremental, so that it won't have to copy all of files if they are still the same. On top of that, it has "Delete files that are no longer in the source," which means that it is COMPLETELY incremental.

-P&T: The ol' Portable and Tiny. At 300kb, it's very light. And I only believe it's portable, I could be wrong.

-Service: This is probably the best. On top of everything else, it has a service that can run all the time in the background to see if the source of a backup has changed, and then perform the backup, if it has, or to put it another way, "monitor source and run job on change." 

-Log: It does have logs, which is nice, and you can specify how many you want it to save.

Only one teensy problem that I see:

-No compression: Again, it's "Rapid," meaning it doesn't have compression, but that's ok, because that's not its function. Maybe it doesn't have compression, but it doesn't need it. It does what it was made to do wonderfully.

One the website, it's on the very bottom. If you want the (hopefully) portable version, download the "This update" link. If you want the installer, grab the RapidBackupB1.exe link on the right, and then download the update and replace the EXE files.

Visit Rapid Backup (Mike Lin's) website for download

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