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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Duck Doom Deluxe: Daring and Delightfully Destructive

Two great games of ages past are Duck Hunt and Doom. Add them together, and you get many very, very dead ducks. Duck Doom Deluxe is half Doom, half Duck Hunt, which means that you are shooting at ducks, except you get better weapons.

The weapons you get as you progress are obviously most of the fun. You start out with a pistol, but eventually earn more.

It retains most of the rules of Duck Hunt: you can choose between 1 or 2 ducks, you get three shots until a duck will fly away, and you have a percentage of ducks that you must get. There's two difficulty levels (Feathery and Fowl), and you can choose either a simple sky or a more complex sky for a background.

But unlike Duck Hunt, you have "Health" which decreases by 10% every time you miss a duck, and ammo for each gun, so you can't just always use the best gun and spray bullets everywhere. There's also a little head that follows the ducks, just like Doom (I assume).

Overall, the game is put together very well. It very smoothly incorporates both Duck Hunt and Doom graphics, and it runs very smoothly. Obviously you use the mouse, so it is a little different with an recticle actually on the screen (although you could always use a program like WiinRemote to make it more like the original Duck Hunt.) It has to run in fullscreen, which is a tad annoying, but it does help enrich the duck-shooting experience.

The funniest part about this game is the shear strangeness of the two games it combines. For example, the ducks make a sound like some beast from Doom when they are shot, and occasionally, some weird being will pop up holding the duck instead of the dog.

The game itself is 7mb in size, and runs at around 20mb of RAM. It is portable, though, which means that if you ever want to impress some friends, whip out your flash drive and vaporize some ducks.

Visit Duck Doom Deluxe website for download

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