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Saturday, November 22, 2008

CCleaner: Crap cleaner extraordinaire.

CCleaner has four main functions, and has some other advantages:
1. It cleans the hard drive.
This includes
  • IE, Firefox, and Opera cookies, history, autofill, cache, and more
  • Windows explorer things such as MRUs (Most Recently Used programs)
  • Empyting the recycle bin (very useful)
  • Start menu and desktop shortcuts
  • Other apps like Foxit Reader, ImgBurn, MS Office 2003, and tons, tons more, as is installed on your system.
  • And it you can specially select folder for it to clean every time (example: C:\MY FOLDER\TEMP)
Very useful for cleaning your system regularly, or cleaning a system that has never been cleaned before.
2. Clean system registry.
Even more useful, in my opinion. Scans for unused entries, empty start menu entries, installer errors, and more. When first running it on a system, it can clean up hundreds of uneeded entries. It also adds the option to backup the registry, which is VERY helpful. But do keep in mind, I have NEVER run into a problem with CCleaner deleting a vital registry item over the YEARS that I have used it.
3. Uninstaller.
I love it. On top of cleaning my disk and my registry, CCleaner helps me uninstall. I used this function for a long time, and it's great if you don't want another software for uninstalling. It lets you rename and delete entries, run the uninstaller from an INSTANTLY LOADED list, and save all options (installations) to a text file. The only problem is that I don't think CCleaner always grabs every installation. But I mean, if not, no biggey, pull up the Windows uninstaller, and procede. But I love CCleaner's uninstaller a ton more otherwise.
4. Startup editor.
Yeah, yeah, I know, you can do this from MSConfig. But can you delete entries?!?! I don't think so. CCleaner, however, can. For some strange, stupid reason, sometimes when you uninstall a program, its option gets stuck in the startup menu. Sure you can just switch it off, but still, your list starts to build up of software you don't use and don't even have on your computer. So CCleaner lets you delete them for good.

That's the 4 basic functions. Here's some other advantages:

-Command line interface: That way you can run it from a batch file, or a different program, like Cobian Backup before a backup of Firefox profiles. Here are additional options:
  • /AUTO - most useful command line option. Runs CCleaner (just with the icon in the tray), then closes it.
  • /DEBUG - runs CCleaner in debug mode.
  • /SHUTDOWN - will shutdown the computer after CCleaner is finished.
The following are for the CCleaner installer.
  • /S - installs WITHOUT setup screen.
  • /D - changes install directory. Like setup.exe /S /D=C:\CCleaner
  • /L - installs language that you choose. Like setup.exe /S /D=C:\CCleaner /L=1033
-Minimize to tray: ok, not the most unique feature, but it is nice.

-Regular updates: when I say regular, I mean regular. The good people at Piriform put out an update at least once a month. These people are committed to good freeware (their motto on the website is "The best software is free!"), and thus I am committed to them.

-Portability: that's right, clean crap on the go. It's not on PortableApps, but you can find it on CCleaner's website under other builds. Just download the zip, unzip it to your flash drive, and let 'er fly! I can tell you, this is one handy tip for helping someone else's computer.

CCleaner is a great little app. It does an awesome job, uses barely any RAM and CPU, and can go anywhere.

Visit CCleaner Website for Download

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