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Saturday, February 7, 2009

AltEdge: I like to live on the edge!

AltEdge is very simple One Hour program from DonatioCoder that utilizes the Alt+Tab function with the mouse. When you run it, a tray icon appears, and then the only thing that it does is when your mouse touches the left side of the screen, it shows the Alt+Tab menu. It's kind of annoying, it cycles through the programs through time intervals, so you have to be able to stop it on the program you would be nice to just have it where you can use the mouse up and down to select a program. Anyway, when it lands on the program you want, move your mouse away from the edge, and you're switched to that window. It's a nifty little program if you want to only use your mouse. It's tiny at 208kb, portable, open source (AHK available), and a neat idea. Check it out, if you want.

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