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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ijini: Is that a Pokemon?

Ijini is a very tiny, but very different web browser. It's only around 250kb, and is based on IE 6 (I believe). That means that when browsing, you are essentially using a different shell for IE.

The most different part about Ijini is the interface. To be quite frank, it looks like what designed either by or for a kid. The buttons are confusing, and the background is extremely different. You are able to change the color of the gradient for the background, though.

There are a few advantages over IE that Ijini has. One is tabs. The tabs are a row of buttons that you can switch between. It also has the standard back, forward, stop, refresh, and home. You can print or print preview, and even make Ijini always on top with the press of a button.

There are some things it is missing, though. Bookmarks, for starters. You can right click a page and select "Add to Favorites", and it will show up in your IE favorites, but I can't for the life of me find where to access favorites in Ijini. Same thing for changing your home page. Because it's built off IE, it draws the home straight from your preferences there. That means in order to change it, you have to change it in IE. Ijini is odd because it doesn't have a menu bar. Period. Buttons are the only interaction.

Ijini is one heck of a different web browser. It is really nice, because it is tiny, it is portable, and it's fast, at least to me, it is faster than IE 5, at least from what I can tell. It may not the ideal main web browser, but it finds it's own place in the world of the web.

Ijini is abadonware, meaning the original developers quit supporting it, so there is no main site for its download. However, I am going to attempt to host it myself. I would extremely prefer that you download it via my torrent, but if you absolutely must, there is a direct link below. It's only 88kb, but I am using a free file hosting service at the moment, so please use the torrent and seed, if at all possible!

Download my Ijini torrent
Download Ijini directly


  1. I waybacked, until got an original page, which consisted of d/l link plus brief instructions (paraphrase:) download, the rename file extension ".zip"
    it d/l as .txt. rename .zip, then extract the one file, which is the .exe.
    this browser doesn't seem very useful. maybe while testing, i should've run regshot uni just to be paranoid :-)
    fyi, i don't use ie, so i never "upgrade" ie6 to ie7.

  2. Yeah, I'm not entirely sure if it is portable, I just considered the fact that Ijini doesn't NEED to access the registry, so I don't think it would, but maybe I'll confirm it later.

    I don't use IE either. Running 6 in case Chrome, Opera, and Firefox all fail. ;)