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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yahtzee 123: 1...2...3...YAHTZEE!

Everyone loves Yahtzee. Yahtzee 123 is basically just a free version of Yahtzee. Here a few things about it:

-Nice looking: It has 3D dice which make it look very nice compared just 2D. Everything looks just like a game you would buy....or get out of a cereal box. Probably halfway in between.

-Heavy on the RAM: Because it looks so nice, Yahtzee123 uses quite a bit of RAM, 50mb for a game I just played. Not bad, but not good for a system with a poor graphics card.

-Portable: According to The Portable Freeware Collection, Yahtzee 123 is portable, all you need to do is install it, copy it to your USB drive, then uninstall it from your hard drive. However, I don't have it on my flash drive because of how big it is (28mbs) and how much it demands of RAM and graphics. If you're looking for a small(er), less demanding Yahtzee game for your flash drive, try Minimal Yahtzee.

That's about it. Not alot to it. Play the game, it looks nice, save your scores, and have fun.

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