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Friday, February 6, 2009

LAN Messenger: A great IM client...for LAN!

LAN Messenger is a very simple program that essentially acts as an IM client on a LAN connection. That means that it cannot connect to the internet, but there's already a ton of great IM clients for the internet, and this is the first LAN IM program I've seen, and it's good. So a few good things about it:

-T&P: Tiny and Portable. Weighing in at 460kb, LAN Messenger is very light, meaning you can take it wherever you want. Also, it has it's own INI file (which is actually only five lines), which means that it really is portable!

-Plenty of features: Here's the main features:
-Name: You can give yourself your own name, and edit it at any time.
-Avatar: You can pick from the 10 icons that it comes with (which actually aren't that bad) or even pick your own.
-Status: You can set your own status by typing it in or select just "Available" or "Busy,"
-Private and public chat: Private is one on one, public is basically a group chat that everyone can see.
-Buzzing: Like in some IM clients, you can "buzz" another person.
-Ignore: You can choose to ignore someone (which assume is by IP, since names can be changed).
-Save: You can save chats to TXT files.
-Minimize to tray: Self explanatory.

That's all of the features. It's actually very feature filled, for just talking over a network. My favorite part about it is.....

-Looks nice: The most shocking thing that I found to this program would be the looks. The icons, the interface, and everything is so simple, but nice looking!

There are a few catches though:

-Both people must have the program: Should go without saying, but everyone who wants to chat needs the program. Both people need a phone to talk, and it's no different here. Not a problem at all if both people have a flash drive, and you plan ahead of time.

-Beta: Though I can't see why, the author has decided to put v1.2 as a beta. To me, it seems stable enough, and has more than enough features, but it is beta, so just know that.

The author of LAN Messenger (Madhavan) took it down from his website... Yay! It's back up!
Visit LAN Messenger (Madhavan's) website for download

PS - click HERE for a screenshot of LAN Messenger, since it was requested.


  1. if we don't try it, if we dont see any screenshot at least, how can we "encourage" the author?

    cmon.. :(

  2. Anonymous, you make a good point. For the screenshots, the reason I don't do that is because with the current Blogger layout, I don't see being able to eloquently squeeze screenshots into every blogpost, especially for programs that need a "full size" shot to be able to get the feel of it.

    HOWEVER, that being said, I have toyed with the idea of creating a Picasa Web Albums album for every freeware, and just creating a link to that album in the post. The reason I don't do THIS is because I don't really know how many people will actually follow a link just to see screenshots fo a program, and it adds on another complication for writing reviews (which I'm struggling with being able to do at all, at the moment.)

    I'll think about it though.

    Also, you're definitely right about trying it. I'll host it and post a download link in the blog post.


  3. What is about security and confidential? Is this app really secure as Bopup Messenger which is another LAN messenger for office?

  4. It was a good messenger but it's abandoned. We use a secure and serverless solution Realpopup LAN chat. It works more stable from our point of view.