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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Resource Hacker: Never been easier to hack resources.

If you want something from a program, ResHacker can probably get it. Resource Hacker is a very simple program used to view the facets of a program (exe file). It allows you to view things such as the cursors, bitmaps, icons, version info, and a ton more stuff that I haven't even a clue what it does. But if you do know, it probably has it.

It's kinda hard to even explain what this does. You start the program, and open an exe file. One the left, it shows a collapsible list of a ton of different things (like I mentioned above). You can click these things, replace them, delete them, save them, or even add a new resource. But here's a few things that I myself like about this program:

-Save icons: Some of the times, I want the con that an application uses. The best way to get that icon is to extract it directly from the exe. Resource Hacker lets you save an icon or an icon group. To save an icon, find it, then click "Action" at the top and select "Save [Icon : # : ####]", and boom, you've got yourself the ICO file.

-Edit Version info: This one's pretty handy. The version info includes "Company Name", "File Description", "File Version", "Comments", and more. Like with the PortableApps menu, it extracts the name of the program as the File Description tag. Sometimes, developers actually put a long description in that space, not the program name. Enter Resource Hacker. Edit the File Description of the EXE, save a new EXE with the new file Description, and bam, you've got a correct PortableApps menu. LIKE FOR EXAMPLE, Resource Hacker, itself. Resource Hacker's original description is "Resource view, decompiler, and recompiler." Well that's great, but I just want the NAME to appear in the PortableApps menu. So I used Resource Hacker on itself, changed the File Description to "Resource Hacker," and now it displays correctly.

-Tiny, Portable: 1.32mb full, 875kb essential. Plus, it comes in a zip file, has its own INI, so it's completely portable.

However, Resource Hacker does NOT work on every program. I've come across a few that were compiled strangely, or built strangely, or something, and Resource Hacker can't work on it. Just be forewarned, it's not perfect, but it does what it can.

Visit Resource Hacker website for Download

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  1. WARNING: ResHacker should be used with caution, as it can seriously mess up a file, program, and/or system if the person using it makes a mistake. Therefore, the usual disclaimers apply to the following post, namely, I can't be held responsible for one's use or misuse of any information therein.
    a) ResHacker also works on SCR, DLL, CPL, and perhaps one or two more types of files I can't remember off the top of my head, as well as EXE.
    b) Works only on 32-bit and not 16-bit files, which might be the type of files you couldn't get it to work on. Also, I've sometimes found if I save and re-open a file several times, it "breaks". Therefore, it's usually best to have one copy to test on and then delete after recording what changes you want to make on it, a second to make the actual changes on, and then a third copy in case the modified file is buggy.
    3) Usually used to change system bmp's (such as the bootscreen in W2K) and ico's that can't be changed through the registry, as well as dialog boxes (such as Run and Log on) and menus (such as start menu) A somewhat thorough list can be found at (