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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Revo Uninstaller: all installations will bow in fear.

Don't get me wrong, Window's uninstaller is ok, and CCleaner's uninstaller is even better, but it still lacks something. That something is Revo Uninstaller.

Here are a few key features it has:

-Comprehensive installation list: I've gone through a few uninstallers, and I have to say, Revo brings up most of them, if not all. I do have to complain though, it does take a while to update the list for a large amount of installations.

-Hunter Mode: As if uninstalling wasn't enough, Revo adds "Hunter Mode" which is essentially a target that can be dragged onto a shortcut or a running application, and then you can uninstall that application. This will sometimes work if the application doesn't happen to show up in the list. But then, other times it won't. So it's a nice feature anyway.

-Autorun Manager: Yup, this too. This program actually live monitors and alerts you when something is added or changed from the startup list. It actually gives a little more functionality than CCleaner, as you can actually click "Go To Location and zoom to that place in the registry.

-Junk Files Cleaner: Kinda like CCleaner, but not as good, in my opinion. I haven't used it as much, but it actually looks like it searches for differnet types of files than CCleaner. I just now, literally, learned that it also has an option to delete cookies, cache, etc of IE, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape, and other things like Microsoft office cleaner, and more things like I listed in CCleaner. Just my preference, but I'll stick with CCleaner.

-Secure Deletion: Again, just learned about it, but apparently, it has an option for secure deletion of files and folders. Never used it, so I can't say anything at this point.

-System Restore before uninstall: Perhaps my favorite feature; if you're into system restore, you'll probably love it too. What if you uninstall something, and you change your mind? You'll have a restore point to go back to. Also, it provides a bunch of system restores to go back to in case something else goes awry, since I'm not normally thinking about planning ahead for disaster....

-Scans for leftovers:My other favorite part. Almost every -EVERY- uninstall I've run, there are at least 4 leftover registry items. Revo finds those. True, this is kinda what CCleaner does, but Revo searches for Start Menu and does a better job, in my opinion.

-Google integration: Maybe a bad term for it, but I love that right clicking, it says "Search Google For:" and then the program or the company or what have you. Makes it easy if I don't know what something is.

It's alot of stuff packed into an uninstaller. The only thing I can't figure out is what the different modes are. Built-in runs only the normal uninstaller, but Safe, Moderate, and Advanced confuse me. But I suppose it's all about preference....I usually just use Moderate.

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