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Friday, June 26, 2009

DriveSort: Sort it like it's hot.

DriveSort is a very handy small tool to quickly and easily sort the files on your drives. DriveSort is very much like List Large Files, although, to me at least, it seems more intuitive.

Like List Large Files, you can sort by Size, meaning it will pull up the largest files. But it sets itself apart, in that you can also browse for a specific folder, while List Large Files can only do entire drives. But then again, DriveSort automatically returns 100 results, and List Large Files can be configured to return as many as you like.

But enough comparison. DriveSort can also sort a drive by the Date, meaning it will pull up the newest files in order. The creator states that this is good for "when you have just installed a new
application, and want to find out what files have been created by the installation program," and I agree with him. It also helps if maybe you were working on a file, but can't remember where you saved it or what its name was. Pull up DriveSort, and it will find it right away.

Another reason DriveSort is good is how organized it is. The window is very small and neat, with several columns for "Filename", "Size", "Date Created", and "Path". It's very nice that the Filename is separate from the path, and that the size is written in MB rather than bytes. Do make a note, though, that you cannot click a column header to sort the list. The list is automatically sorted by whichever option you chose: Size or Date. It's also very handy that if you right click an entry, you can choose "Open" or "Open folder".

Overall, it's a very handy tool. It's extremely fast at searching, and shows the results in an organized way. It is extremely light, weighing only 32kb, and being standalone. It's also light on resources, running at about 250kb idle before a scan, around 5mb during a scan, and then back down to around 300kb afterwards. It's also portable, which is very handy if you want to try to help a friend figure out where his space is going.


  1. Another reason DriveSort is nice is however organized it's. The window is extremely little and neat, with many columns for "Filename", "Size", "Date Created", and "Path". it's totally nice that the computer filename is cut loose the trail, which the dimensions is written in MB instead of bytes online assignments.

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