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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Firefox: revolutionizing the web, world wide.

I'm hoping that this is just a formality, and everyone knows what Firefox is. If you don't, Firefox is the most used internet browser in the world (44% in October 2008). What makes Firefox so great?


Firefox has alot of safety features that enhance its experience. It has a warning whenever you enter a site that may be dangerous, and overall it is just alot more secure than some other browsers (such as Internet Explorer).
Whether that is a word or not, Firefox has it. You can essentially make Firefox look like anything you want with the option of themes, and you can even add further features with the use of addons. What is an addon? The better question is: What isn't an addon? Addons can range from checking e-mail in your tray, to downloading videos, to having Facebook right in your toolbar! In short, addons are what make Firefox.....Firefox, really. Because it's so customizable, barely any two people's Firefoxes look the same.
Firefox does not boast the fastest speed, but it is moderately good. For the most part, it does not freeze up, even when loading up to ten tabs. It's a good middle ground.

Of course, no freeware is perfect.

Startup time.
Firefox, well, it takes a while. There's even a program called "Firefox Preloader" that supposedly loads some of Firefox into the memory so it starts faster. However, the fact remains, and it's quite bothersome. The more addons, the longer it takes to load, so it can take a while. Fortunately, though, it seems to be only for the first start, then even after you close Firefox, it will start up a little more quickly the next time. If you're like me, and once you start up browsing, you leave it open, this little nuisance is fairly easy to ignore. But if you're looking for wicked fast startup every time, Firefox is not for you.
Memory usage.
Yes, it's true. Firefox blows the competition out of the water when it comes to memory usage. On average, Firefox uses over 100mb of RAM for me (but that is with multiple addons.) At the moment, I have four tabs open, and my memory usage is at 180mb, and it's peaked in this session at 222mb. Overall, it's not too great to run Firefox on machines with low memory.

Also, Firefox is portable! If you are an avid Firefox user, this is good news for you. This means that you never, ever have to use Internet Explorer again whenever you go to college, or a friend's house, or wherever. Head on over to PortableApps to give it a download.

So to put in simply, get Firefox if you want a customizable browser, if you don't mind waiting the first time for it to load, and if you have some RAM to spare.

For a real comparison of browsers, check out Lifehacker.

Visit Firefox (Mozilla) Website for Download

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