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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And so it begins...

Welcome to
Freeware Wire!

Here's a few things you might want to know:

What is "freeware"?
Merriam-webster defines "freeware" as: "software that is available for use at no cost or for a nominal usually voluntary fee." So basically, freeware is free! There is a subtle difference between "freeware" and "shareware." Freeware is 100% free, but shareware is basically a limited trial. Usually there is either a time limit on use, or limited features in the trial version. I do not consider shareware as freeware (because it isn't), so I will not be making any posts about any shareware (with a few exceptions.)
Why freeware?
I love computers. One of my greatest hobbies is scouring the internet for new freeware to make life more fun and easy. I believe that, with a few exceptions, software should be free. By that I mean that people out there can make programs as good, and alot of times better than the big corporate companies. I do not believe in piracy, and therefore I do not believe that programs acquired illegally are "freeware."
What is "FreewareWire"?
Good question. See, in all my quests as a freeware seeker, there are few really good sites that I have come across. Sure, there are places like, but really, how do you know what you're downloading? Every article is written by the maker of the program, so you never know if that freeware is the one that you want. In addition, alot of sites (that are very good) are not solely about freeware, and it's somewhat difficult to find what you want. FreewareWire is a way to stay "plugged in" to freeware.
So you're trying to compete with other sites?
No. I am in no way in competition with other freeware sites. I think that freeware is all about helping each other, so how could one site be in competition with others? I'm just trying to help people.
So this is about proving what is the best freeware then?
No. I don't believe any freeware is the "best." This is not the point of FreewareWire. The point is not to declare the "best browser" or the "best e-mail client," but the point is to give choice. Maybe Opera is faster than Firefox, but then maybe Firefox is more customizable than Opera. My point is, there are different facets that define a freeware, and it is not the point of proving what I want. That means that goes for you all too. I would prefer to have absolutely no comments about "Firefox sucks!" or "Opera sucks!" Present your statement about what you have found in a clear concise manner.
Is that all?
No. In addition to the blog, you can find FreewareWire on Youtube as well at
But keep in mind, the video channel is a supplement to the blog, not vise versa. With videos, it is so easy to show people, but not to tell. Plus a blog is alot easier to update than a video channel. Don't expect the video account to be updated as frequently as the blog.

With that, hopefully FreewareWire will launch successfully. I'm in college at the moment, so it might be a little harder to update than I want.

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