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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ShellMenuView: Easy context menu manager

ShellMenuView is a tool created to very, very easily handle the context menu options for filetypes. For example, when you right click a picture, it might say "Edit with GIMP", or maybe "Play with MPC" for MP3 files. The thing is, with many programs installed, it can often get very cluttered, and ShellMenuView helps you easily organize what you want enabled or disabled.

True, you can do what ShellMenuView does by just navigating the Registry, but ShellMenuView organizes all the context options for every type of file and displays them in a grid, in an organized manner. First of all, it has columns for just about everything: "Menu name", "Extensions", "Modified time", "Filename", and "Command", just to name a few. That means that you can sort the list by any of the above. If something was just created, sort by Modified time. If it is for only one extension type, sort by Extension. If it's for a certain program, sort by "Command". Or if you want something really specific, ShellMenuView has a "Find" function to help you quickly and easily sort through the list.

ShellMenuView doesn't just display entries though, it also lets you quickly Enable or Disable them. Keep in mind that Disabling an entry will not delete the registry key, but it will remove the option from the context menu. There's a column for "Disabled" as well, if you want to sort for all of the disabled options, and all disabled rows are grew instead of white, to help you easily find what you're looking to Enable.

If you want to find that key in the Registry, ShellMenuView has an option for that: just hit "Open in Regedit" while a key is selected, and it will open Regedit with that key focused. You can also view a keys "Properties" (basically all the columns in table form), and export all keys/selected keys to a TXT file, or create a "Report" in an HTML file.

ShellMenuView is a very easy way to handle Context menus. If you actually want to delete keys instead of just disable them, you might need to find something a little more permanent, but ShellMenuView can at least help you get an organized list, then you can "Open with Regedit" any keys you want to delete.

Another nice thing about ShellMenuView is that it doesn't do just extensions. It also does things like Drives, Directories, and even DVDs. It's also very nice that you can check a "Hide Standard Menu Items", which I'm not sure what it classifies as "Standard", but it does hide alot of the default options, like "Open" for most file types.

Nirsoft is amazing at making little tools, to make your life easier, and ShellMenuView is no exception. In addition to being very easy to use, it is also tiny at only 35kb, standalone which means you don't need any external dlls, and portable.

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