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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DoubleKiller: Duplicate assassin supreme.

Doubles happen. Like twins. Except electronic. And really not like twins at all. But seriously, occasionally, I have two folders that could have duplicates, and DoubleKiller can search and find the duplicates. Here's a few options that I like:

-Different rules: You can check to find duplicates if the names, sizes, dates, or checksums are the same. So if you think that there might be dupes but have different names, then you can do size and checksum, or if you wonder if there are things with just same names, do just names.

-Filters: It has both include and exclude filters, so you can filter out things such as Thumbs.db, or include only filetypes like TXTs. You can also leave out things such as read-only files, hidden files, system files, archives, or even files that are under or over a specified size.

-Folder selection: Obvious choice, let's you pick as many numbers of folders that you want, and gives the option of including subdirectories.

-Check first dupes/last dupes and delete checked: Lets you easily select all but the top dupe or the bottom dupe for each file in the list, and then delete whatever you have checked. Alot easier than deleting one by one. Or you also have the option of moving the checked files if you're not sure you want to delete them just yet, or whatever reason you might have.

-Option of registry storage: There's actually a checkbox that says "Save settings in registry," and a button to "Delete settings in registry". Sweet action! This means that if you use it alot, you can save your settings, and then delete them at any time with the click of a button.

-Tiny: all you need is one executable that is 700kb, so I'd say that's tiny for being incredibly useful.

-Portable: Put the last two options together, and you get one portable app. As long as you keep the "Registry" box unchecked, it's completely portable,

There is one con....

-Crashizzle: I have to say, it crashes.....alot. Basically, if it's scanning a large amount of files and you shift focus from it (as in change to another program) it is likely to freeze. But I mean, it's pretty sporadic. It doesn't always freeze, but I've just noticed that it has a tendency to freeze more than other programs.

I still think it's a handy program to have on a flash drive or PC. It may not be perfect, but it is WAAAAY better than pulling two explorer windows side by side and trying to compare, trust me.

Visit DoubleKiller (Big Bang Enterprise) website for download


  1. i don't think it's ever crashed for me. still using 7/2007 ver1.6.2.82 (current as of now july 8 2009). mostly used in xp.
    i use in combination with xlite2's sync/compare (ctrl+f9, in 2pane+tree display). They're each better for certain purposes, so i alternate while doing massive cleaning.
    i now remember to adjust the column widths in "doublekiller" tab, before adjusting things in the "options" tab.

  2. Lets you simply choose nigh the highest dupe or all-time low dupe for every move into the list, then delete no matter you've got checked. Alot easier than deleting one by one. otherwise you even have the choice of moving the checked files if you are not positive you would like to delete them simply nevertheless, or no matter reason you may have
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