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Friday, January 16, 2009

Swiff player: For playing those SWiFf files.

Swiff Player is a very small media player devoted to one thing: SWF files. It's a very tiny, 700kb standalone app that plays only SWFs. It's a really simple app, so there's not too much to say.

-Tiny: As I said, 700kb. Very tiny, and also....

-Portable: Yes, it is portable. There is no portable download on the site, but if you use Universal Extractor, you can get the EXE. Or you can install it, copy the files, then uninstall.

-Full Screen: You can now watch a SWF movie in full screen. Most excellent.

-Seek bar: It's a little weird, since in interactive SWFs, it jumps from frame to frame, but if you're watching, say, a flash movie, there is a seek bar.

That's about it. No downsides, its a good little app. However, if you get a media player that does alot of codecs, such as Media Player Classic or VLC media player, those will most likely play SWFs, which would make Swiff Player kinda redundant. But I have noticed that Swiff Player might open SWFs faster than MPC or VLC.

Visit Swiff Player website for download

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