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Saturday, October 31, 2009

FreewareWire PC & Youtube channel

So if you haven't noticed, this site is not the most dependable thing when it comes to be updated. One of the reasons for that (other than my laziness) is that I really haven't had a computer upon which I could install a ton of different freewares on. I have an EEE 901 netbook, and the family computer. Or should I say, had. I decided to finally buy my own PC, and not only that, to build it, for a number of reasons:
1. I wanted to learn how to build
2. I wanted to get customibility/upgradibility
3. I wanted it to have Windows XP or the OS of my choice. (In other words, NOT Vista.)

Hopefully, if all goes well, the first ever FreewareWire PC will increase the amount of reviews I can make (and let me play games newer than Half-life 1...) Since this is not really a personal blog, but a blog of freeware, I'm going to make this more for the FreewareWire Youtube channel. "What?" You ask, "That exists?" Yes, it does. It's never had an update, but it is there. My first "series" of videos will be documenting my PC build, then after that, it will be showing off freeware as I discover it. (It will not take the place of reviews, rather just add on.)

So there are the two huge announcements: (1) FreewareWire PC, and (2) Youtube channel. If you want to find more about either, check out my intro video, streaming live to an internet near you!

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